if anyone’s confused as to where i’ve gone, i decided to make a personal blog a looooong while ago.

i still post art sometimes but it isn’t my entire focus anymore. you can find me at zeallotus if you’re interested.

in other words, ghoulschool is dead and has been for a while. its been good, bye!!


Fred Wilson - Iago’s Mirror (2009)
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Galeria Corsini, Rome, 1997

Photo by Doug Hall


‘Croatian tales of long ago’ by Iv. Berlić - Mažuranić; translated by F. S. Copeland and illustrated by Vladimir Kirin. Published 1922 by Frederick A. Stokes Co., New York.

See the complete book here.


my mesmer had cool necro looking gear once aw
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Forest Floor Treasure Tapestry (by Angela Adams)


Higuchi Yuko on Tumblr

Canvas  by  andbamnan